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Different Whole House Water Filter Dimensions

August 18, 2021 3 min read

Whole House Water Filter Dimensions

The city’s main water line supply connects to a whole house water filtration system, which filters the water for domestic usage. It is one of the most effective and energy-efficient household water filtration systems available. In most cases, a whole home water filtration system connects to municipal water, filters it. It distributes it to various water outlets throughout the house. Awesome Water Filters offers different whole house water filter dimensions. Find out what are the different sizes and how their differences affect the water filtration process.

Before you buy, consider the following:

  • The 10″ by 2.5″ whole house system is ideal for townhouses or clients that consume little water. The estimated water flow rate is between 15 and 25 liters per minute.
  • Customers with low water pressure will benefit from the 20″ by 2.5″ whole house system. The approximate water flow is 20-35 liters per minute.
  • The 10″ by 4.5″ whole house system was a smart buy, especially for families with fewer than five people. The estimated water flow is between 25 and 40 liters per minute.
  • The highest value was a 20″ by 4.5″ whole house system. It provides adequate water flow even in a double-story house with low water pressure—designed for a high flow rate and a large number of users.


All water flow figures are for illustration purposes only. The real flow depends on the pressure supplied, the size of the piping, and the design of the water circuit. To avoid running out of water, go for a greater capacity. Please provide correct information about the water source, the nature of the water, the floor layout, and the number of occupants in residence. We’ll go over everything in detail and recommend the best method for you.


The best filter is a large one, as it provides more water and has a longer service interval. You should also look at the filter’s port size since it affects the number of gallons per minute and the pressure of the water that enters your home. The recommended size of a whole house filter for an ordinary home is 4.5′′x 20′′. Larger families, on the other hand, may require filters with a flow rate of 25 GPM and a 1 1/2-inch port.


Single-Stage Whole House Filter – 10 inches x 4.5 inches

The single-stage whole house filter has dimensions of 10″ x 4.5″ that fits most 4.5″ x10″ filter cartridges. You can choose different brands of water filters like Hydronix, iSpring, and more. You can match it with pleated sediment filters, dual-stage PP Sediment with GAC filter, and 5-Micron Polyspun sediment filter from Awesome Water Filters.

Twin Big Blue Whole House Filter – 10 inches x 4.5 inches (each housing)

whole house water filter

The Twin Big Blue Whole House Filter with 10 inches x 4.5 inches dimensions is a great water filter housing. It effectively filters sand, heavy metals, rust particles, algae, mud, and other water pollutants. It comes with a heavy-duty metal bracket and two 1″ x3/4″ bushing. It’s perfect for high-flow water filtration. The size filters enough water for the whole house.

Triple Stage Whole House Filter – 10 inches x 4.5 inches (each housing)

whole house water filter big blue

The Triple Stage Whole House Filter includes a 1-inch brass threaded port. Big Blue filtration systems are made for places that require a high flow rate, such as an entire house, an industrial zone, or a commercial zone.

The installation of this filter connects to the main plumbing. The sediment and chlorine are removed at up to 75 liters per minute from all faucets/showers across the premises. It includes protecting the tap washers, hot water systems, and appliances. The water quality and what needs to be filtered from it will decide the size of the system you need.


The different whole house water filter dimensions may have an effect on how the system filters your water. The amount of water it filters may also depend on the size. If you want to talk to a professional about the sizes of water filters, contact Awesome Water Filters today!