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Guide In Selecting The Best Water Coolers

May 25, 2019 3 min read

How To Choose The Best Water Coolers (And 5 Great Options In 2021)

Water is an important part of life. We all need water to live, and we all prefer it to be easy to get. While many refrigerators have water filter functions, some people prefer to have a water dispenser in their home or office for easier accessibility.

When choosing the best water dispenser, there are many important factors to consider…and many options to choose from!

Let’s narrow down the most important parts of the best water cooler for home, what to look for in water coolers, and the top choices available on the market today.

How To Choose The Best Water Coolers

A water dispenser has one simple task: to dispense water. But you don’t want to just buy any water dispenser.

When you are making an investment in any larger item like a water cooler, you want to be confident that you are making the right choice. For a water cooler, you want to ensure that it gives you clean water and a clean look that fits your need.

There are only a few basic things that water coolers must have, but consider ensuring that your water coolers feature the best of all of the following to get the best experience.

Keep The Design In Mind

There are a few different types of water dispensers and which one you like best will be up to your design preferences. Whether you want something more modern or more traditional, there is a water dispenser for you.

The first type of water dispenser sits on top of a counter. While this can seem convenient because it won’t be in the way, it will constantly be taking up counter space and can be more difficult to position in your kitchen or office. Because of this, I don’t recommend getting a countertop water dispenser.

The second type of water cooler is a benchtop water cooler. These water coolers are very portable unit. This means that you can position them in any room – kitchen or otherwise – without having to worry about counter space. Benchtop water coolers have a more common, more functional design.

You will also want to consider the design aesthetic of a water dispenser fits your home. Are you okay with seeing a water jug, or would you prefer a more sleek profile? This should also be considered when choosing a water dispenser.

Refilling Should Be Convenient

The convenience of having a water dispenser is being able to get water easily, and that goes for refilling it as well.

Some water dispensers are very difficult to refill. Using water jugs is common, but sometimes the water dispenser itself is difficult to maneuver and balance when replacing these jugs. Additionally, water jugs are very heavy, so some people are not able to lift them at all.

The Point Is To Dispense!

After you’ve considered the design and how reasonable it is to refill your cooler with what, you’ll want to look at how the dispensing function works.

Is it a push function? Do you have to hold down a button to dispense? Or is it confusing? Is the spigot always leaking, or does it have a tight seal that keeps the water inside? All of these questions are important to consider.

You will want the design to be clear and easy-to-use. After all, you’re purchasing a water cooler to dispense water. If it can’t do that well without leaking, you don’t want to buy it.

Get Water From The Best Water Dispenser

Though there are quite a few good water dispensers on the market, the freestanding water cooler with fridge simply stands above the rest regarding quality, value, and functionality.

Not only does it have a great design, but it also is convenient to refill and gives you better functionality than the other dispensers today. It is an expensive water cooler, but it is very durable and can stand up to years of use without any noticeable difference in performance.

No matter what water cooler you believe is right for you, remember to consider its design, its functionality, and whether or not it will last for a long time. You don’t want to put a lot of money into something that will break too quickly.

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