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  • Can Ceramic Dome Water Filter Remove Fluoride?

    August 28, 2021 3 min read

    Can Ceramic Dome Water Filter Remove Fluoride

    Ceramic dome water filters are a type of filter that uses media with a small particle size to filter everything out of your drinking water, from sediment to germs to lead. More and more people are satisfied with this method. But the common question we usually receive is, can ceramic dome water filter remove fluoride?

    Let’s find why experts don’t suggest an excessive fluoride intake even though municipal water adds it to the water supply.

    Drinking-Water with Fluoride

    Best Whole House Water Filter And Softener System

    Before we answer how a ceramic dome filter can remove fluoride, let’s first talk about why you should avoid drinking water with fluoride.

    Fluoride is added to municipal water supplies because studies have shown that it can lower the frequency of tooth decay in regions where fluoride levels in the water are low.

    One of the most common health issues that youngsters face is tooth decay. Many people worldwide cannot afford regular dental checkups. Therefore fluoride can provide savings and benefits to those who require them.

    However, concerns have been raised about fluoride’s impact on health, including bone, tooth, and brain development issues.

    Risks of Regularly Drinking Water with Fluoride

    Risks of Regularly Drinking Water with Fluoride

    Fluoride poisoning has been related to a variety of health problems.

    Thyroid Problems

    Excess fluoride can harm the parathyroid gland in some situations. It can lead to calcium depletion in bone structures and higher-than-normal calcium concentrations in the blood. Hyperparathyroidism, or the unregulated release of parathyroid hormones, can arise as a result of this.

    Dental Fluorosis

    Fluoride exposure at high levels during youth, when teeth are forming, can cause minor dental fluorosis. The enamel of the tooth will have little white streaks or dots.

    The health of the teeth is unaffected. However, the discoloration may be evident. You can protect small children from fluorosis by breastfeeding or preparing formula milk using fluoride-free water.

    Neurological Issues

    A study released in 2017 suggested that fluoride exposure before birth could contribute to lower cognitive performance in the future.

    The researchers measured the fluoride levels of 299 pregnant women and their children aged 6 to 12 years. They assessed cognitive capacity in children as young as four years old and again when they were between six and twelve years old. The fluoride levels beyond a certain threshold link to poorer IQ scores.

    Fluoride and ten other industrial chemicals such as arsenic, lead, toluene, and methylmercury are neurotoxins. It may danger infant development in 2014.

    Summary of Health Problems Linked to Excessive Intake of Fluoride

    • Acne, as well as other skin issues
    • Cardiovascular problems
    • Lower fertility and early puberty in girls are two examples of reproductive difficulties.
    • Thyroid condition
    • Osteoarthritis, bone cancer, and temporomandibular joint disease are all disorders that impact the joints and bones (TMJ)
    • Neurological issues could cause ADHD.

    Can Ceramic Dome Water Filter Remove Fluoride?

    You can reduce fluoride in your water by using a ceramic water filter system. Fluoride can also reduce by using gravity water filters. These make it simple for water to drain through a ceramic dome water filter via gravity.

    They can be even more successful than RO systems when it comes to removing fluoride. In some models, the fluoride levels in your water will be reduced by at least 97%.

    They’re also less expensive than RO systems, albeit they don’t remove other pollutants as well.

    It’s also suitable for tiny houses with limited water usage because they’re quite slow. They could be a decent alternative if you can get by on 5 to 9 liters of water per day.

    Can Ceramic Dome Water Filter Remove Fluoride: How Do Ceramic Dome Water Filters Work?

    Ceramic water filters operate by enabling water to pass through tens of millions of pores on the surface of the water cartridge. Organic and inorganic particles that are too big to pass through (often anything greater than 0.5-micron) build on the ceramic surface during the process.

    Ceramic water filters function by enabling water to pass through millions of microscopic pores in the ceramic cartridge’s shell. As water travels through these pores, which are half a micron in size, contaminants are trapped. The inside of the filter is a tortuous maze of sharp angles meant to trap any particles that have gotten past the filter’s external surface. Water percolation via a ceramic filter is highly fine particulate filtering. It eliminates various pollutants such as germs, fluoride, and silt, due to the minute size of the pores and complexity of the filter.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: Can Ceramic Dome Water Filter Remove Fluoride?

    Can ceramic dome water filter remove fluoride? Fluoride levels in tap water can be reduced with ceramic water filters, making it safe to drink. Awesome Water Filters offers some of the best ceramic dome water filters in Australia.

    Feel free to give us a chat today and know more about Ceramic Dome Water Filters and other filtration methods!