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Is Distilled and Filtered Water the Same?

June 16, 2021 3 min read

Is Distilled and Filtered Water the Same

We drink water every day. It’s a part of our lives, and we can barely live without it. The market offers different kinds of water, and you may find yourself confused about choosing the best one. If you find yourself asking, “Is distilled water and filtered water the same?” then you’re reading the right article.

Distilled or filtered water is one of the purest options available, but deciding between the two can be difficult. These two choices for safe drinking water take into account both cost and health considerations. Check out their differences and decide what’s best for you.


Water goes through the process of distillation to make distilled water. The process boils all of its impurities during the distillation process. As a result, many of the pollutants discovered in water are inorganic minerals, metals, and other similar substances.

The first thing you notice about distilled water is how pure it is, with no pollutants, bacteria, particles, debris, nutrients, or minerals. Unlike filtered water, which maintains beneficial elements, distilled water eliminates all contaminants, leaving only pure H2O. As a result, distilled water lacks essential minerals, including chloride, potassium, and magnesium, prompting some to believe that drinking distilled water is unhealthy.

There’s nothing wrong with having a glass of distilled water now and then. While distilled water is safe to drink, the lack of essential minerals might harm your health over time. The World Health Organization (WHO) doesn’t recommend making distilled water a daily source of water consumption.


Every drop of water meant for human consumption passes through a rudimentary filtration process. In addition, filtered water, typically with multiple chemicals, guarantee that it gives your local health government’s standards.

In tap water, pollutants and particles are removed, and municipalities subsequently treat the water to ensure its safety. Filtered water sold in bottles, on the other hand, goes through a specific filtration process that may be more strict than the health department’s criteria.

Filtered water is perfect for everyday drinking and keeping a healthy electrolyte balance since it contains all of the minerals you need in the right proportions. Filters are ideal for use at home or in the workplace because it intends to function with treated tap water. Activated carbon systems remove microscopic carbon-based pollutants from water, making it safe, healthful, and delicious.


Is distilled and filtered water the same?

No, since the process of purification differs. Distilled water is devoid of any dissolved matter, including additives and beneficial minerals, whereas filtered water maintains these elements.

Are bottled waters all distilled?

Normally, no. Although you may purchase distilled water in bottles, store-bought water is not the same as distilled water. There are labels in each bottle so you can know which type of water you’re buying.

What are the best choices for purifying water at home?

Because every environment is different, completely cleansed water necessitates proper filters and alternatives to fit your water. A customized filtration system is suitable for removing the specific impurities found in your tap water at home.


Is distilled and filtered water the same? NO. Though they are both safe to drink types of water, distilled is not advisable to drink regularly because it may have unwanted health effects. If you want to provide your family with quality water every day, you can use a good filtration system to filter all water in your home. 

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