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Can Water Coolers Leak? Why and How to Fix It?

June 14, 2021 4 min read

can water coolers leak

Water coolers are an effective way to quench our thirst after a tiring day. They’re convenient and often have a hot water option as well. Offices and homes invest in better quality coolers for accessible and clean hot/cold water. One of the popular questions we usually get from our customers is that “Can water coolers leak? What are the common reason why it happens?”.

Water coolers are not leakproof, so a little bit of mishandling can cause leakage. The answer to the questions is YES. Even the best water coolers can leak for different kinds of reasons. Find out why it can look and how to prevent it.



Water leaking is one of the most typical problems with a standard water cooler dispenser. This incident is due to the numerous places where it can escape if specific pieces aren’t properly placed or fastened. If you observed that your dispenser is leaking, you should first try to figure out what’s causing it before attempting to call a professional and have it repaired.

Loose Spout

Loose spouts are a typical cause of water leaks. You most likely have a wobbly spout if you notice that your catch tray under the faucet is full of water. Fix this issue by tightening your handles and make sure they’re properly screwed into the spigot body.

Water Valve Problem

The component of your water dispenser that permits water to enter the machine to be treated is what we call a “water valve.” When it fails, the incoming stream of water is blocked and forced out of the connector, resulting in a leak. If you’re stuck in this situation, don’t worry. Resolve the problem by replacing or tightening the broken valve.

Water Bottle Cracks

What’s commonly causing water leaks are cracks in the water bottle, rather than the cooler itself. Damage to the jugs might occur during transportation, resulting in small cracks or holes. When the air pressure in a water bottle changes, the jar may begin to leak. Examine the source of the leak to see where it’s coming from. If this is the situation, get in touch with the water delivery company to ask for a replacement.

Full Catch Tray

The catch tray is the water dispenser that collects any leaking water from the faucet after filling every glass. This water can build up in the catch pan over time, causing it to overflow. As a result, it appears as if you have an interior leakage when, in reality, all you need to do is empty the tray. Make it a habit to often check the tray. It may also cultivate some bacteria if left uncleaned.

Trapped Air

Another reason your water dispenser may be leaking is that air has become trapped in some interior components. It’s typical for air bubbles to form in various places of a dispenser over time. It can start on the waterlines, spouts, and even the filters. As a result, the overall pressure in the system rises. It forces water out of any possible holes in the device. To try and repair this concern, start running the dispenser continually to flush out any excess air. It could imply draining several gallons of water from it.

Internal Water Cooler Issues

The water cooler itself most likely causes your water leak if you can’t discover a loose spout, full catchy tray, or even a crack. Several parts like rings, gaskets, and seals found inside your water cooler may fail. If one of these pieces fails, it may cause leakage. Contact your water cooler company right away if all mentioned common reasons mentioned are not present! Please don’t attempt to fix it yourself because sometimes you’ll need parts or pieces that you don’t have on hand.


There are instances of dripping shortly after installation of your water cooler since it hasn’t yet settled into a running cycle. Allowing the dispenser to cool for a full 24 hours helps it get right on track and stop the leaking. If it’s still leaking after 24 hours, you can try fast dispensing two to three gallons of water to expel any trapped air.

If the leaking continues after this, consider removing the water filter and adding/removing water to ensure there’s no trapped air inside the filter housing. However, keep in mind that any leakage incident following this procedure may mean you have to call your water cooler provider.

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  • Try detaching and reattaching the water bottle. It’s because the problem may be due to something as simple as the jug attached incorrectly. Remove the container from the dispenser. Inspect the connectors for damage. Then reattach the jar by tightening the right connectors into the right places.
  • Tighten potentially loose valves because the water valve and spigot on a water dispenser might loosen over time. If this happens, it can allow excess water to escape as it passes through them. You can resolve this issue by tightening the pieces. Ensure that they offer adequate seals while the appliance is not in use.
  • Check for any possible physical blockage that caused the leak. If it’s easy to remove, you may do it yourself. You can contact a professional once you think it’s impossible to get it.
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Can Water Coolers Leak: FINAL THOUGHTS

Can water coolers leak? Yes, they can. We don’t want that to happen, but you can check the basic reasons why and try fixing them yourself in case it does. If your water dispenser is still leaking, don’t hesitate to call a technician to have it checked professionally.