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  • Is Filtered Water The Same As Bottled Water?

    July 12, 2021 5 min read

    Is filtered water the same as bottled water?

    If you want a step up from tap water in your house or office, bottled water and filtered water are usually the two major options you have in mind. But is filtered water the same as bottled water? What are the differences? Is bottled water the best solution for your health?

    Read on to know more about filtered water and bottled water, and you may find out what’s best for you and your family.

    Difference Between Filtered Water and Bottled Water

    What are the advantages of bottled water over filtered water? When we refer to bottled water in this context, we don’t mean the individual-sized plastic bottles of water that you can buy by the case at the supermarket. We also suggest the five-gallon plastic bottles of water that sit atop a water cooler. On the other hand, filtered water is what you get when you connect a carbon filter to your plumbing system to remove contaminants like chlorine and metal deposits from your tap water.

    Is filtered bottled water available? It is at times. The water is purified before being bottled if it comes from groundwater or a municipal water supply. Because some forms of filtering, such as reverse osmosis, might remove essential minerals, may not filter natural spring water or mineral water before delivery.


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    boy drinking a glass of water

    Filtered Water: Pros

    Filtered Water: Pros
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    Clean, Odorless Water

    You’ve probably noticed a strange odor in your tap water. Chlorine is the source of the stench in tap water. Municipalities add chlorine to the tap water to eradicate microorganisms in city water.

    The most basic water filters remove chlorine from your water. If you put a charcoal filter in your bathroom, there will be no odor whether you pour yourself a drink of water or take a long, hot shower.


    Even while the initial cost of a filtration system may appear to be exorbitant, it quickly becomes a cost-effective investment.

    Clean water on demand

    One of the best things about filtered water is that it is available whenever you need it.

    To keep it in stock, you don’t have to buy in bulk. You won’t run out of it, either. You can get contaminant-free drinking water with a simple push of a button or lever.

    Fill jugs with water for parties or other gatherings so that attendees can easily refill their glasses. Make sure you have some glass or aluminum portable water bottles on hand so you can take your tasty filtered water with you everywhere you go. Some individuals like to keep a supply of reusable bottles in their refrigerators. It’s a terrific method to have cold water just when you want it if you like it.


    Filtration removes chemical and physical particles that are harmful to people’s health.

    When it rains, herbicides and insecticides used in agriculture wash into our lakes and rivers. The filtration procedure removes even the tiniest hazardous particles.

    Natural water, on the other hand, contains beneficial minerals. Filtered water brands can keep these valuable minerals in the water. You and your family will be able to drink the healthiest water imaginable.

    Filtered Water: CONS

    Expensive Initial Cost

    We’ve already discussed this briefly. Purchasing and installing a filtration system can be pricey.

    However, if money is your primary issue, other solutions are available, like renting a machine. If you can’t afford it, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a system.

    Need to Replace Filters

    After you’ve paid for your filtration system, you’ll have to pay for water filters regularly. Filters will need replacement regularly.

    The frequency and expense of replacing a filter depend on the type of filtration system you have at home. Many filters might endure for months, perhaps a year, before some parts need replacement Buying bottled water is still more expensive than buying a new filter.

    Bottled Water: PROs


    The convenience of bottled water cannot be overstated. It enables you to carry water wherever you go. You’re upstairs, in your backyard, and your car. You can go ahead and grab a bottle.

    Furthermore, if you forget to bring one from home, you can quickly get one at any store, restaurant, or petrol station.

    Better Taste

    Bottled water has a superior flavor and scent to tap water. Is bottled water then filtered? Yes.

    Before being bottled and marketed, the water first goes through filtration. Chlorine and other contaminants that might cause a poor odor and taste are removed from filtered water. With your filter system, you can have the same flavor as bottled water at home.

    Bottled Water: CONS

    Too Much Plastic

    Plastic is one of the world’s biggest and most serious environmental threats. Even though plastic is recyclable, 80 percent of water bottles are not.

    Every minute, there are one million water bottles purchased worldwide, and the number is growing. The majority of the total number only winds up in landfills, while millions of others end up as litter. A single plastic water bottle takes 700 years to decompose.

    All of this plastic eventually returns to us in the form of microplastics. Bottled water drinkers may consume the equivalent of a credit card’s worth of microplastics every two weeks. We must also think that the carbon footprint of manufacturing and transporting water from bottling factories to resale retailers.


    As discussed in the filtered water section, even if you have no interest in bottled water’s ethical or environmental consequences, this one should make you sit up and take notice. Over time, you’ll find yourself spending more on bottled water instead of just installing a filtering system.


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    Estonia, Water Filter Jug, Desalination Plant, Water, Filtration

    Here are some questions that will help you compare and decide which is better for you, filtered water or bottled water.

    Do you desire high-quality water for purposes other than drinking?

    Do you use water for ice cubes, coffee, baby formula, tea, cooking, and other purposes? If this is the case, a filtration system will suffice.

    Is comfort a high priority for you?

    Do you want an annual maintenance-free filtration system, or do you prefer to buy water in plastic bottles that you can transfer, store, and recycle? A water filtration system may be the best option if you want to set up your water system and then forget about it.

    Is portability a must-have?

    Do you want the water you can take with you wherever you go and test out in diverse environments? Would you prefer a filter that connects to your main plumbing and effectively filters the water from your tap? The best option when you need portability is a water dispenser with bottled water.

    What is the expected number of persons who will use the water supply?

    If you use a lot of water, it would be good to invest in a water filtering system for convenience and cost savings. If you don’t drink much water, bottled water may be the best option.


    Is filtered water the same as bottled water? Both water types offer clean water but differ in function and packaging. If you’re thinking about what type of water is good for you, they both provide you with clean and safe water. However, it will depend on which one would make your life easier and healthier. One thing for sure, you need to drink water more often. Make sure it’s clean and safe to drink to avoid any waterborne diseases.

    Awesome Water Filters offers different kinds of filtration systems in Australia. We have whole house water filters, reverse osmosis systems, water coolers with purifiers, activated carbon, and more. Our mission is to keep you and your family healthy by providing clean water.