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  • Do Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

    July 13, 2021 4 min read

    Do water filters remove fluoride?

    Are you worried about the amount of fluoride in your tap water? You might want to consider investing in a water filter. But do water filters remove fluoride? What water filters will be effective?

    There are numerous models available, each of which will produce specific results. It can be not easy to keep track of them all, but we’re here to assist! We’ll talk about the various options and discuss how effective each one is.

    Is Flouride Dangerous For your Health?

    What began in the 1940s with one water supply, fluoridated water, has grown. There is about 67 percent of residences in the whole world today receiving fluoridated water.

    To limit the risk of dental fluorosis in children, health experts recommend that fluoride levels in drinking water be “no greater than 0.7 mg/L.” However, many people are beginning to question whether fluoridating the public water supply is such a good idea.

    The possible effects of fluoride include:

    • There is no method to limit the dose of fluoride once introduced to the water system; it is given to everyone, regardless of weight, health, age, or need.
    • Low amounts of fluoride are harmful.
    • Many children already consume more fluoride than is recommended by toothpaste alone.
    • Fluoride buildup can make bones fragile and susceptible to fracture.
    • Because 99 percent of our water supply is not used for drinking but instead flushed down the drain, fluoride may be harming the environment.
    • Water fluoridation may raise the incidence of hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid.


    Reverse Osmosis and Fluoride Removal

    reverse osmosis filter

    Reverse osmosis filter Reverse osmosis removes fluoride as well as a variety of other pollutants, including:

    • Asbestos
    • Sulfate
    • Chlorine
    • Lead
    • Detergent
    • Cadmium and more

    Reverse osmosis is an extremely successful approach to reduce fluoride in drinking water; depending on the system you choose, you can expect to see up to 98 percent of fluoride removed. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are incredibly efficient, and they may be set up to create 1 liter of pure water for every liter of wastewater. The minimum number of steps required for RO to function correctly is three.

    Countertop Water Filter and Flouride Removal

    carbon filter cartridge and single counter water filter

    There are also some excellent countertop water filters available if you’re seeking a fluoride water filter.

    A separate carbon filter is included in some versions to remove various contaminants. However, these can be fairly large, especially if they have other filter cartridges. You should expect to lose some space on your worktop as a result of this.

    They’re simple to set up. Unscrew the aerator from your faucet and replace it with the connector. When you wish to filter the water, you need to turn a lever. Fluoride levels will be reduced by 90 to 95 percent with this filter. As a result, you may utilize unfiltered water for everyday tasks while also extending the life of your cartridges.

    Whole House Water Filter and Fluoride Removal


    Many whole-house water filter devices use activated carbon for filtering. When it comes to fluoride, this indicates they’re useless. However, whole-house systems use activated alumina. These filters will remove fluoride, although not to the same extent as other filters. Before you buy, double-check the specifications. We’ve seen models with fluoride reductions ranging from 70% to 96 percent.

    Reverse osmosis systems for the entire house are also available. However, this will necessitate the installation of a second storage tank and pump.

    Gravity Water Filter and Flouride Removal

    Some good gravity water filters can remove fluoride as well. These allow water to drain through a ceramic filter using gravity easily.

    When it comes to fluoride removal, they can be even more effective than RO systems. The fluoride concentration of your water will be reduced by at least 97 percent in some models. They’re also less expensive than RO systems, albeit they don’t remove other pollutants as well.

    They’re also suitable for tiny houses with limited water usage because they’re quite slow. They could be a decent alternative if you can get by on 5 to 9 liters of water per day.

    Water Filter Pitcher and Flouride Removal

    When looking for a water filter pitcher, look at the design to see if it can remove fluoride. To filter out contaminants, many well-known pitcher brands employ only activated carbon. That’s wonderful for a lot of pollutants, but not fluoride.

    Fluoride filters are included in some pitchers, so check the specs. For filtering little volumes of water at a time, they’re a good solution. They also have several advantages over other filter types.

    You can chill them in the refrigerator. Unlike RO systems, they do not produce wastewater. They also don’t take up as much space as countertop water filters. They’re also highly cost-effective.

    Distillation and Fluoride Removal

    Distillation is exceptionally effective at removing fluoride and other contaminants from water; in fact, all that is left is H2O that is so pure that it does not conduct electricity. We have over ten years of distillation experience and have had many problems with system longevity owing to the extremely clean water dissolving rubber o rings and other components.


    Do water filters remove fluoride? The answer is YES! Reverse osmosis, distillation, countertop, whole house water filter with RO, and gravity filters can do the trick. However, the amount of fluoride removed by different devices varies greatly. Before you buy, double-check the specifications. Any reputable manufacturer will outline the savings you can anticipate.

    Also, while activated carbon filters are effective against other pollutants, they are ineffective against fluoride. Any filter systems that use this medium will be useless for your needs.

    Awesome Water Filters has a wide collection of filtration methods you can use for your home or office. These guaranteed premium quality water filters will make sure you and your family drink safe and clean water all the time.