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Maifan Stone Filter: All You Need To Know

August 14, 2021 4 min read

maifan stone

Maifan stone is one of the most effective mineral stones for water remineralization. These stones are popular in traditional Chinese medicine for generations, but it is only now that we are learning about their health benefits when they are present in drinking water. Because of their great filtration powers, fish tanks and shower filters commonly use these stones.

The stone is mineral- and trace-mineral-balanced, with 68 percent silicon dioxide (quartz) and other minerals in their oxide form. Maifan Stone has a high adsorptive capacity and removes heavy metals and other contaminants from water. At the same time, it releases minerals. It has a strong Earth vibration and is a good stone for helping “empty” water remineralization.

What Is It Made Of?

Plagioclase feldspar, hornblende, biotite, orthoclase feldspar, and numerous other silicates and minerals make up each Maifan stone. Thanks to these compounds, they’re high in practically all of the minerals that our systems require, including copper, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and selenium.

The stones include minerals as well as useful metals such as molybdenum and silicon. These stones have been utilized as alternative forms of therapy for ages. It helps improve human metabolism, blood circulation, and treat chronic gastritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, and various skin diseases.


Adsorption, solubility, pH adjustment, biological activity, and mineralization are some of the features of Maifan stone. In water, it can absorb free metal ions. The amphoteric oxide Al2O3 is in Maifan stone in a concentration of about 15%. It reacts with alkali to lower pH in an aqueous solution. Also, acid can raise pH, and it can change pH in both directions. Mg, P, K, Na, Ca, Si, Fe, Zn, I, Ge, Cu, Mo, V, Co, Li, Se, Mn, Sr, Ni, Cr, Ti, and other trace elements. You can dissolve the elements by soaking the medical stone in water. The aqueous solution of Maifan stone could also include essential amino acids for human health.

Maifan Stone awesome water filters
Maifan Stone


We propose investing in a moderately large water vessel of your choice and keeping one or more Maifan stones inside it at all times to get the most out of a single Maifan stone. By doing so, you can ensure that your drinking water is always clean and enriched with the minerals present.

The amount of water that a single Maifan stone can alkalize is virtually limitless. Alternatively, you can place it in a central water container, such as a 20-liter kitchen dispenser, and drank from it as needed. Keeping a single stone in a smaller water vessel, on the other hand, results in a far more nutrient-dense water supply.

It starts remineralizing water about 8 minutes after the water and stone first make contact.


The Maifan stone requires the least amount of upkeep when compared to other remineralization processes.

Most mineral stones and activated charcoal needs sanitization regularly. But it only has to be removed every six months. At this point, boil the stone in clean water for 20 minutes.

The Maifan stone will most likely erode after around 1-3 years, depending on how frequently you use it. You may need to invest in a new unit at this point, as the stone’s filtration powers will begin to deteriorate quickly.

It may exhibit noticeable indications of erosion sooner than three years, depending on the chlorine levels in your drinking water. Some people interpret this as an indication of a weak stone or a low-quality product when the reality is quite the reverse.

Signs of erosion on Maifan stones, and water filters in general, are to be appreciated. They reveal that the stone has fought against some challenging pollutants up to this point and that if they hadn’t been present, the same degradation and erosion would have happened inside your body.


Drinking water treated with Maifan Stone for a long time can have many benefits.

  • Protect the liver
  • Invigorate the stomach
  • Diuresis
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Prevent sickness
  • Anti-cancer
  • Prolong life
  • Protect skin
  • Strong bones
  • Develop brains
  • Stop bleeding
  • Detumescence

It’s widely employed in medical, food and health, and water quality improvement. Companies that offer drinks, wine, pharmaceuticals, deodorant, crops, flower production, poultry, and aquaculture also use Maifan Stones.


Maifan stones may activate ions in the water (mostly oxygen ions) and release a small amount of A-rays and infrared rays, both of which are beneficial to fish and humans.


The pH is steady, and it can automatically adjust water that is overly acidic or alkaline to near neutral.


Medical stone is porous and has a wide surface area. It allows dangerous microorganisms in the water to adsorption. Volcanic rocks in the aquarium can absorb residues and excrement that the filter can’t. It helps to maintain the water clean in the tank.


A Maifan Stone will level up your water quality. You can use it as a drinking water, shower, or shower. Awesome Water Filters offers Maifan Stones in Australia. So you can enjoy the benefits of this natural stone wherever you are.

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