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  • Where Can I Buy A Water Bottle With A Filter?

    August 15, 2021 6 min read

    Where Can I Buy A Water Bottle With A Filter

    It is critical to stay hydrated to maintain excellent health. Get to enjoy the delicious taste of clean and sanitary drinking water anywhere you go. You can do this with a reusable filter water bottle or filtered water bottle dispensers. You can be at home, work, outside hiking, cycling, running, or even at a remote trip destination. But before asking yourself, “Where can I buy a water bottle with a filter?” let’s go through first how great it is to have one at home or on the go.


    There are two types of water bottles with filters you can get in Australia.

    Awesome Water Bottle for Water Dispensers

    Awesome Water Bottle for Water Dispensers

    If you have a bottled water cooler or dispenser, you’d know it can be challenging. One of the most dreaded things is having to buy a 5-gallon bottled mineral water. You’d have to wait for the water company to deliver. You’re going to need to store a couple of bottles for the rest of the week. It’s a hassle.

    But there are water bottles for dispensers that have filters within, just like we offer here at Awesome Water Filters. Our big water bottles come with an 8-Stage filter. It successfully removes rust, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, organic matter, and other water pollutants.

    These water bottles usually have activated carbon, mineral ceramic ball, mineralized balls, KDF, ceramic plates, and more. It’s a good and environmentally-friendly option for your hot and cold water dispenser needs.

    On-The-Go Water Bottles with Filter

    Where can I buy a water bottle with a filter

    Reusable water filter bottles can eliminate many hazardous contaminants, allowing you to drink the cleanest, healthiest water possible. Your reusable bottle may be able to safeguard you from consuming dangerous toxins found in your local tap water. It will depend on the filtration system employed. Your daily glass of water will be healthier as a result of this.

    You’ve most likely heard that you should drink eight glasses of water each day. Although there does not appear to be any scientific agreement on this figure, it is a reasonable objective. Some people may require somewhat more, while others may require slightly less.

    You’ll be able to drink those eight glasses (or so) every day with ease if you use a filtered water bottle. Because of the improved flavor, you may even come to prefer drinking water to other beverages such as juice or soda!

    Where Can I Buy A Water Bottle With A Filter?

    Freestanding water cooler

    If you’re looking for a filtered water bottle for your water cooler in Australia, you can buy some water filtration companies like Awesome Water Filters. You can mostly find it in companies that also sell water coolers. Ask their representative what your choices are.

    For on-the-go filtered water bottles, water companies may also offer them. Some department stores and sports merchandise stores may also have several options for you.

    Searching online for a nearby store is a wise move as well!


    Remove chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

    The purity of tap water has been questioned repeatedly, regardless of where you are in the world. Even in developed countries, studies have shown that tap water contains a variety of dangerous chemical components. Tap water usually includes a variety of pollutants that are known to affect human health. It ranges from microplastics and pharmaceutical chemicals to steroid hormones like progesterone and estrogen.

    Removes germs effectively.

    As previously indicated, it’s critical to drink water regularly, up to 8 glasses each day, to stay healthy. If you don’t trust the water sources available to you, though, you risk dehydrating less frequently. The worst-case scenario is exposing yourself to hazardous infections such as viruses and bacteria if you drink from them.

    Using a water filter bottle can help you protect your health by removing up to 99.99 percent of microorganisms in the water. Different filter water bottles use various highly effective technologies to prevent harmful microscopic creatures from entering your body through the water you drink. It includes activated carbon filters and the newest nano-technology.


    Reusable water filtration bottles are beneficial to both you and the environment. Plastic garbage in the form of single-use water bottles has collected in landfills over the years, and some of it has made its way into the ocean, where it has wreaked havoc on the marine ecology. Despite their importance, recycling activities fall short of the levels required to considerably reduce the amount of plastic garbage dumped in the environment.

    By using a reusable filter water bottle, you can demonstrate your concern for the environment. Contribute to the reduction of pollution connected with the production and disposal of non-reusable plastic water bottles. If you use bottled water daily, switching to a reusable water bottle can help you lessen your dependency on plastic bottles.

    Better water quality and taste.

    Chemicals and contaminants in tap water, whether purposely or accidentally added, have a visible impact on the smell and flavor of the water. If the water you’re drinking has an off flavor, sipping from a reusable water filter bottle can help you get rid of it.

    You don’t have to avoid drinking water because it tastes unpleasant any longer. As previously noted, the bottle’s filtering technology not only keeps impurities from entering but also blocks hazardous bacteria that give water its generally awful odor and flavor. As a result, you may enjoy the cleanest-tasting water without spending a dime on bottled water.

    More Savings.

    Many people regularly spend a significant amount of their hard-earned money on filtered bottled water. There’s no need to waste money on bottled water when you have a filter water bottle that you can use over and over again.

    You will quickly recoup the high initial cost of acquiring the bottle because you will no longer be obliged to buy bottled water whenever you feel thirsty.

    How Long Water Coolers Last


    Boost Your Hydration

    More than just removing contaminants, a water filter can enhance the quality of your drinking water. Based on the quality of the filter, you can improve your water to the point where you get significantly more hydration from it than you would from conventional tap water.

    Digestion Enhancement

    Digestion can be aided by drinking water with higher mineral content. As previously stated, the proper hydration provided by a water filter facilitates minerals and nutrients throughout your body. Not only does obtaining this appropriate quantity of nutrients make you feel better, but it also aids in the digestion of soluble fiber. It makes the entire digestion process much easier.

    Acid Reflux Reduction

    While this improvement may not be feasible with all ordinary water filters, alkaline water filters show to lessen acid reflux, also known as heartburn. Because alkaline water changes the pH of drinking water, it can neutralize the acidic build-up that creates the oesophageal burning feeling.

    Weight Loss Support

    Drinking more water is the most fundamental basis if you’re attempting to reduce weight and become in shape. Just 10 minutes after drinking water, an adult’s resting energy expenditure increases by 24-30 percent. Water is also said to help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite.

    benchtop water purifier

    Boost Your Skin’s Health

    Drinking plenty of water is one of the most underappreciated advice for maintaining healthy, clear skin. As we’ve already established, the advantages of drinking filtered water are beneficial to your health in various ways, and this is also true in terms of skincare. Water with a higher mineral content directly influences moisturizing your skin by more effectively draining toxins out of your body.

    Chlorine is known to reduce the natural oils in your hair and skin. Having no chlorine in your drinking water will also help you achieve healthier skin.

    Reduce Cardio-vascular Stress

    Yes, you read that correctly. You can also use the benefits of a water filter to improve fitness and endurance. While this isn’t true for all types of water filters, scientific study has discovered that alkalizing supplements can help minimize cardiac stress during periods of high physical activity.

    Antioxidant Qualities

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your water filter removed not only harmful particles but also added antioxidant properties?

    ORP refers to a liquid substance’s ability to reduce the oxidation levels of another. ORP levels range from -2,000 to +2,000. The lower the amount of ORP, the more powerful the antioxidant capacity. The ORP level of your water is reduced by a Phox filter, providing it antioxidant characteristics.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: Where can I buy a water bottle with a filter?

    Where can I buy a water bottle with a filter? Awesome Water Filters offers water bottles for water dispensers with our 8-Stage Process. It’s a great way to get better quality from your water coolers without the hassle of ordering and keeping tons of plastic at home.