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  • What Are The Best Water Coolers?

    July 14, 2021 5 min read

    blue water gallon on electric water cooler in office area

    Everyone wants to live a better life, and drinking more water is an important part of that. Many individuals turn to bottled water to increase their water intake, but regularly purchasing new bottles is time-consuming and costly, especially in an office. That’s not even considering the environmental effect of plastic water bottles. Is there a better way? Of course, and that’s investing in a water cooler. But, what are the best water coolers?


    Point of Use Water Coolers (POU)


    These water coolers require both a direct connection to a water source and a nearby power supply. They cost a little extra because they have high-end features like ozone injection and UV lighting. It would help if you replace water filters every six months on average, and the cost per gallon is often less than bottled water.

    PERFECT SETTING: A kitchen or household without a water filtration system, such as a whole-house water treatment system or a refrigerator water filter. If ordering and replenishing bottled water are inconvenient for you, it’s a fantastic alternative.

    Bottom Loading Water Coolers

    You can insert water bottlers into a bottom-loading water dispenser through a hole in the bottom of the machine. Bottles rest upright on the unit’s base, and a water probe put into the bottle top connects them to the system.

    BEST SETTING: A family household or persons who are unable to lift large objects. In comparison to countertop dispensers, they are a suitable option for youngsters because they dispense water at waist height. They provide both a home and a workplace a more fashionable appearance.

    Top-Loading Water Coolers

    freestanding water cooler top view

    As the name implies, top-loading water dispensers contain an upside-down water bottle that connects to the cooler from the top. When the bottle is inserted into the water cooler, it has a cap and hose attached to it, ensuring it fits properly.

    BEST SETTING: These are equally as functional as bottom loading dispensers, but they are less expensive. They may also contain a storage compartment handy for holding cups or beverage extras if you place them in a public area.

    Counter Top Water Coolers


    Countertop water coolers like the Benchtop Alkaline Water Purifier are normally linked to a kitchen sink’s cold water line and sit on the counter. Because they get their water directly from your plumbing, these coolers are smaller and more compact, but they don’t have limited storage space.

    BEST SETTING: These are good choices for a tiny office, an apartment, or a two-person household. They are lightweight and can accommodate a mobile house.


    Deciding what’s the best water cooler for your home may mean taking in some considerations. Check out what we recommend you should consider in buying a dispenser in Australia.


    Suppose you have a large, thirsty family. In that case, it’s worth debating whether it’s preferable to spend a little more money upfront for a countertop water dispenser that connects directly to your plumbing.

    The disadvantage of a top-loading or bottom-loading water cooler is that you must replace it after the water is used up. Most dispensers can accommodate a 3 to 5-gallon water bottle. Based on the rule of thumb that one person consumes one gallon of water per day, a family of four will drink the entire water bottle in one day.

    On the other hand, smaller homes wouldn’t need to change or refill their water bottles as often. Because they consume less water per day.

    Space In Your Home

    Most water dispensers are space-saving, measuring around 10-12 inches wide and 10-12 inches deep. However, if you don’t have any floor-to-mid-wall space, a full-size dispenser may not be the ideal option for you.

    Countertop water dispensers are a perfect fit on a kitchen counter space,. So if you have ample of them, go with one of these. Most people keep their water dispensers in the kitchen,. But you could keep yours in your study or dining area if you have more space in those rooms.

    Easy to Use

    Using any filtered water cooler is simple. Press the hot or cold water button depending on your preference – but some do require a little extra upkeep.

    Depending on the size of your home and how much water you consume, you should replace the top and bottom-loading water dispensers every 2 to 4 days. If you have trouble moving around, a top-loading cooler, which needs lifting a large water bottle high, may be difficult for you.


    The majority of top-loading like the Awesome Coolers Freestanding Water Cooler and bottom-loading home water dispensers can hold water bottles up to 5 gallons. At the absolute least, a unit should hold a 3-gallon water bottle, which will limit the number of times you have to refill the bottle during use.

    Because they’re connected to your home’s water supply, bottle-less drinking water dispensers have no maximum capacity.

    Safety Features

    If you want to use your water cooler with your entire family, search for one that includes a safety lock on the hot water spout.

    Accidents happen, and you don’t want your small children to scald themselves by accidentally turning on the hot water while you’re not looking. Fortunately, practically every water dispenser we’ve seen has a hot water locking feature so that you won’t be short of options.


    Maintenance is required regardless of the type of water dispenser cooler you purchase. Your water cooler will have unique cleaning recommendations, which will most likely require draining and filling your system with a cleaning solution, then scouring the inside to remove any scale or impurities. Most water coolers also include drip trays, and you can usually remove them for easy cleaning in your sink.

    Thermostat Settings

    Hot and cold water temperatures are usually set within a narrow range of variation—around 47°F cold / 180°F hot. However, some can go higher or lower. Back switches to turn on and off the hot and cold functions are normal.


    What Are The Best Water Coolers?: FINAL THOUGHTS

    If you’re asking, “what are the best water coolers?” the answer is up to you. The best depends on your needs, space, budget, and the features you want. If a water cooler ticks off all the boxes in your list, that should be a good option. Just make sure that you buy from certified distributors to make sure you get the best quality.

    Awesome Water Filters offers premium water coolers in Australia! Check out what we offer at this link.