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Awesome Water Filters: Your Consumer Friendly Water Specialists

November 07, 2019 2 min read


awesome 8 stasge kdf water filter

Water purification has become a trend nowadays. Thanks to the advanced filtration available to our community.

Anybody now know how to keep the water clean of any pollutants and noxious materials.

Awesome water filter provides 100% reliability. When they buy any water cooler / dispenser, they’re getting pure and clean crystal drinking clear water.

Awesome Water Filters offer the most advanced filtration available in Australia

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Similarly, Awesome Water Filters are committed to bring not only clean filtered water but the over all satisfaction of every one of our customers.

We even notify you once you need to replace any of your filtration accessories.

We are the only one that offers 8 Stage KDF water in the entire country.

How our 8 Stage KDF filter standout among other filtration system?

It’s available in different granule forms such as the KDF 55 fine granule medium, which is best at reducing and removing chlorine and soluble heavy metals. Therefore, KDF-F fine mesh granules, which incorporates into carbon blocks to enhance their efficiency and prolong their service life.

KDF can be in conjunction with our filtration stages either as a water pre-treatment solution or as a primary filter. As a result, the most cost efficient, 100% effective filtration for you and your family.

KDF has a lot of benefits including:

  • Extends the life and enhances the performance of carbon filters;
  • It’s fully recyclable;
  • It’s available in multiple granular styles for a more targeted approach in filtration;
  • It has antibacterial properties and outperforms other antibacterial filters on the market;
  • It’s efficient at higher water temperatures too.

Superior Customer Service

Awesome water filters have a network of very knowledgeable distributors throughout Australia who know the Awesome Water Coolers range of Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water Dispensers back to front.

Why throw out your old Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water Dispenser when you could potentially spend less than $150 to fix most problems.

Simply call us toll free now on 1800 789 781 or email us at to make it happen now

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