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  • Can Water Coolers Make You Sick?

    July 20, 2021 5 min read

    can water coolers make you sick
    blue water gallon on electric water cooler in office area

    Water coolers have made a difference in our homes and offices. It has the power to give you cold and hot water every time you need one. It’s a pretty convenient appliance that some of us can’t live without these days. But there have been many discussions about how healthy it is and arising a common question, can water coolers make you sick?

    In this article, we’ll talk about how to keep water coolers clean. We’ll help keep you and your family away from any bacteria that may be lurking inside the reservoir or tap.

    What are the possible diseases if your water cooler is dirty?

    Consumers of polluted water are more likely to get diarrheal illnesses. Diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and typhoid cause a runny stomach, vomiting, and fever. According to experts, these are known as fecal-oral infections since the contamination is invariably linked to feces, particularly human feces. Apart from that, fingers are the most important connection in the transmission of contamination, and contamination enters through the mouth.

    However, health experts believe that not all contaminated water will get you sick since you need a certain amount of disease-carrying bacteria in your body to get sick.

    How to clean and maintain?

    can water coolers make you sick

    To avoid contamination with hazardous bacteria and mould such as E.coli, you must clean water dispensers properly. In one examination, more than a quarte of water dispensers contain bacteria. People can become ill as a result of contaminated water dispensers.

    Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

    Always clean your water coolers according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ideally using a broad-spectrum sanitizer. If it’s linked to a faucet, clean it using a light detergent once a week. Remember how you set up drip trays to keep water off the floor? To prevent bacterial accumulation, wipe them dry every day. Check your water coolers for dust accumulation inside the container or in the air ventilation grills regularly.

    Set a reminder

    You can set a timetable for frequent cleaning and allocate responsibilities to someone in your workplace who is familiar with the correct cleaning procedures as a reminder. Though having an agreement with the manufacturer to provide cleaning and maintenance services for the product’s life is the best way to avoid error and further contamination.

    Drain it you plan not to use it for some time.

    If you go on vacation or leave the system unattended for longer than a week, make sure to drain the remaining water when you return. A filtered water system should never be left without water since the filter will dry out.

    How to get rid of mold in water coolers?

    awesome water cooler with fridge

    Mold can quickly accumulate on water dispensers like the Awesome Coolers Freestanding Water Cooler, posing a health risk.

    • To ensure that your dispenser is safe to use, keep an eye on it for mold.
    • Mold doesn’t only have an unpleasant smell, but it can also spread bacteria and pathogens.
    • It grows in difficult-to-reach regions of the dispenser, which is the worst part. You must clean it if you see mold or smell a foul odor.

    In most situations, the mold is on the dispenser’s outside. To get into the hard-to-reach regions, use a small brush or a pipe cleaner. To clean the moldy spots, use dishwashing soap and hot water. Allow it to soak in a mixture of hot water and dishwashing detergent before you start cleaning.

    Is it safe to use hot water from water dispensers for baby bottles?

    There is a persistent rumor that water from hot water dispensers is unsafe to use in infant bottles. The truth is that water from hot water dispensers is identical to water from any other source.

    Furthermore, the water heats up to over 95 degrees. So, the refill bottles already contain filtered water, ensuring that the dispensers are safe to use while preparing baby food.

    Using a hot water dispenser for baby meals saves time and ensures that the water is of the highest possible quality. The only thing to be concerned about is the growth of mold and germs on the taps. You should not have any health issues with the baby or any other users in the area if you keep the dispenser clean and germ-free.


    can water coolers make you sick

    Beware of hot water.

    You know how dangerous the hot side maybe, if you have both a hot and cold water dispenser. Most hot dispensers contain a safety mechanism to prevent burns in the first place, which may surprise you.

    When using the hot water feature, keep in mind the location where the opening on the cup or container you’re trying to fill. Water will splash or miss the hole and burn your hands if the entrance is too small. To avoid getting burned, use a bowl or larger glasses.

    Check for molds.

    Mold has its own set of health dangers due to the germs it contains. Mold can be difficult to detect because it grows in hidden places. It’s usually linked with a strong odor. With this in mind, you should inspect your dispenser monthly to determine if mildew has accumulated in hard-to-see spots. It should be clean after cleaning it using soap, water, and a sponge.

    Keep in mind electrical safety.

    Whether using your dispenser at home or work, you should be cautious around electrical outlets. Water and electricity do not mix well. It may result in electrocution or fire.

    As a result, it’s critical to connect the dispenser to the top socket. As a general guideline, keep the dispenser as far away from the outlet as the cord will allow. You will keep the office or your family safe from electrical injuries if there is a leak.

    Frequent cleaning.

    Water dispensers can be a breeding ground for microorganisms. Several people touch public dispensers at work regularly. Germs are transferred through frequent contact. If not treated appropriately, these microorganisms can cause illness and disease in you and the people around you.

    Consistently cleaning and sanitizing your water dispenser is a tried-and-true method of eliminating bacteria. To disinfect a public dispenser, wipe it down regularly. You may not need to clean your private dispenser every day if you have one at home. It only has to be cleaned once a week.

    Final thoughts: Can Water Coolers Make You Sick?

    Can water coolers make you sick? Yes, if you don’t how to keep it clean and sanitized. Let’s all keep in mind that whatever we put in our mouth must be regularly sanitized, and water dispensers are no exception. It’s in your best interest, as well as the health of individuals who use your water dispenser, to exercise caution for these reasons.

    Awesome Water Filters offers some of the best water coolers in Australia. We’ll do our best to assist you from purchase to maintaining your dispenser.