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Water Cooler And Filter: Pros And Cons

April 18, 2022 2 min read

Water cooler and filter overview


In this paragraph, we all know that drinking tap water has a great impact on you and your families overall health. Base on the recent studies last year, Australia are struggling with more population growth and longer period of low rainfall. Making this a major set back to an access of clean drinking water.

Awesome water filters are here to provide an instant solution for your water issues.


Made with the high quality, durable and the best  content found in water cooler and filter we strive to provide best service with a 12 month warrant on your equipment which are very beneficial in maintaining the cleanliness and the purest of your water cooler and filter.

Each part has a substantial contribution to create a clean, pure drinking water. Similarly, using our advance 8 stage kdf charcoal water filter and cooler that are so unique that only our water bottle will fit with our filter? Sounds great right?

Find what’s the best for you

The difference between freestanding cooler and counter top water cooler

Water coolers or dispensers are available as a countertop or freestanding units with the freestanding being the more expensive but provides stable and much more cooler water in the long run. Similarly, when deciding which to buy, consider where you will place it in your home, garden shed, patio, or family room. Either style needs an electrical outlet, and it should be placed on a solid platform. A countertop unit can be position on a counter or table, not too high for dispensing or changing the large water bottle. You may want to avoid placing it on a rug if you expect the occasional spill. In addition, a countertop model may have a smaller compressor, so water may not be as cold as the freestanding unit.

Definitely check the benefits of getting a water cooler.

In Conclusion

Over all, There are no right or wrong answers about which is the best water dispenser. It’s just a case of weighing up the strengths and weaknesses to find the best water cooler dispenser to suit your needs.

For more information, including pros and cons for water dispensers within each category. Call us at 1 800 789 781 or email us at for more comprehensive detail for your water cooler and filter choices.