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5 Tips Of Having An Awesome Water Filters

April 30, 2019 4 min read


Chances are that you don’t think too much about the water you drink. You get thirsty, you fill the cup, you take a sip. Nice and simple, right?

A little too simple. There is a strong chance that your water contains chlorine, chemicals, lead, or other contaminants that can do anything from making you sick to taking your life!

Fortunately, there’s a way to protect yourself. All you have to do is invest in an awesome water filters


We’ve put together an awesome guide that’s all about the importance of having an awesome water filters. First, though, we need to define exactly what “water filtration” is.

Simply put, “water filtration” refers to any methods that are used to filter your water before you drink it. The primary goal of this is to remove various contaminants from your water before you ingest them into your body.

However, many people drink water every day without using a water filtration device. That’s why it’s important to understand why clean drinking water is crucial to your body.


As we mentioned above, plenty of people drink water without using a filtration device. This may cause you to think that you don’t need a filtration device because you haven’t seen anything happen to these people.

Regularly drinking contaminated water can lead to short-term and long-term damage to your body. This can lead to anything from temporary sickness to long-term damage to your body and organs!

Fortunately, our awesome water filters can protect you from all of this. Keep reading to discover the five primary reasons that underscore the importance of water filtration.


Believe it or not, your tap water likely has chlorine in it. Don’t freak out right away, though: chlorine is really useful at killing harmful bacteria that live in water. That’s why it’s used in many private and public swimming pools.

Of course, just as you don’t want to drink chlorine-filled pool water, you don’t want to drink chlorine-filled tap water. Drinking such water has been linked to a number of adverse effects, including birth defects in pregnant women and a heightened risk for things like urinary tract infections.

With awesome water filters, though, you can have it both ways. Specifically, you can enjoy the benefits of the chlorine killing toxins, but then you can filter out the chlorine before you take a sip. In this way, you’ve protected your body twice over!


When you think about where viruses come from, “water” may not be the first thing you think about. Unfortunately, water is one of the most popular vectors for many viruses. This ranges from things like the norovirus all the way to Hepatitis A!

The risk for this is heightened if you live in rural areas, as your water supply is less regulated and protected by the city. That means it’s important to take your protection into your own hands.

With a water filtration device, you can help to filter out many of these harmful viruses before they enter your body. And between this and other protective measures (such as boiling your water), you’ll know that every sip is safer than ever!


Fluoride is another one of those things in your water that is good in small doses. Cities often make sure the water supply has fluoride in order to promote things like overall dental health and the prevention of tooth decay.

However, too much of anything can be bad, and that’s very true of fluoride. Too much of this in your body can do everything from weakening your skeleton to causing arthritis. And some recent research suggests it may even be linked to cancer!

Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry: a good water filtration device can remove excess fluoride from your water before you drink it. This way, you and your skeleton will remain safe!


Nitrates fit the pattern of what we’ve been discussing so far. Specifically, this substance (which is just what happens when oxygen and nitrogen mix together) is healthy in normal doses. Too much, though, and it becomes really bad, really quickly!

High levels of nitrate can threaten the health of pregnant women as well as their unborn children. And speaking of children, high levels of nitrate are dangerous for their developing bodies, as they cannot easily process adult levels of nitrates.

With awesome water filters, you can reduce the amount of nitrates you ingest. This makes sure everyone in your home is as safe as they can be!


When you imagine ingesting lead, you might think this is a thing of the past. Things like lead-based paint are now outlawed, so you’d imagine you’re safe. Right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, many of us live in older homes that still have old lead pipes. And because water flows through these pipes, you’ve got a potential emergency situation waiting to happen!

As lead comes off of these old pipes, it gets into your water. And once you drink that water, your body is filled with lead, and this lead ingestion can very quickly threaten everyone in your entire house.

Preventing the accidental ingestion of lead highlights the true importance of water filtration. We can’t spell it out any plainer than this: water filtration can save your life and the lives of the ones you love!


Now you know how important a water filtration device is. But do you know where to find one?

Here at Awesome water filters, we can help you bring the right water filtration at your home, office,  and we’re more than happy to help install it. When lives are on the line, you deserve the best. You deserve it!