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Aqua Flow Bottle less Benchtop Water Cooler

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The Aqua Flow Bottleless Water Cooler has set the standard in the market for more than two decades, known for its exceptional quality and long-lasting performance.

Key Features

  • Cold Tank: This cooler includes a substantial 14.3-liter high-density polypropylene tank, notable for its strength, rust resistance, and easy maintenance.
  • Hot Tank: It also boasts a 1.8-liter hot tank made from type 304 stainless steel, with a 500-watt sheathed heater for accurate temperature maintenance. The on/off switch is conveniently located at the back of the unit.
  • Cabinet: Designed with aesthetic appeal, the cooler comes in a Gloss Cloud White color. The top and front panels are made from moulded UV-treated ABS, while the side panels are zinc-coated steel sheets, encased in polymer polyester resin.
  • Taps: It is equipped with NSF approved, long-lasting polypropylene lever-type taps, featuring a self-closing design for quick and easy use. A safety feature is included for the hot water tap, and optional push taps are available.
  • Float Assembly: The cooler integrates a one-stage polyethylene float system, ensuring consistent water levels and automatic shutoff when filled.

Installation Requirements: Installation must adhere to local plumbing regulations, including the installation of a certified Pressure Limiting Valve to maintain the warranty.


  • Refrigeration: Utilizes gas R134A, with a capillary tube controlling the refrigerant flow. The compressor is sealed and includes an automatic overload protector.
  • Electrical: Comes with a certification for 220v 50hz single phase power. A 1.5-meter power cord is provided.
  • Condenser: Features a quiet, air-cooled condenser with no moving parts.


  • Cold water output: Approximately 4 - 10°C
  • Room temperature tap
  • Hot water output: Approximately 84 - 89°C

Capacity: Dependent on room temperature, offering up to 44 cups per hour at 10°C in a 21°C setting.

Warranty: The Aqua Flow Bottleless Water Cooler comes with a comprehensive 36-month warranty, covering parts and labor.

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