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Awesome 7 Stage Activated Alumina Water Filter


Awesome 7 Stage Activated Alumina Water Filter

Our class-leading 7 Stage Activated Alumina Water Filter is perfect for anyone looking for pure, alkaline, fluoride-free drinking water. This filter removes 69.8% of fluoride from your tap water, ensuring every drop is clean and healthy. It is also suitable for our bottled water coolers, making it a versatile choice for both home and office use.


  • 1 x filter: $50
  • 2 x filters: $80
  • 3 x filters: $110
  • 4 x filters: $130

Product Overview

The Awesome 7 Stage Activated Alumina Water Filter converts your tap water into great-tasting, mineralized, alkalized, and fluoride-reduced water. It significantly improves taste and odor, eliminating bad tastes and chlorinated odors.

Filtration Stages Explained

  1. Dome – Primary Filter Felt Pads: Removes rust and sediment particles while preventing bacterial growth.
  2. Activated Carbon: Eliminates chlorine, organic sediment, and unpleasant smells and tastes.
  3. Activated Alumina: Reduces impurities like fluoride, arsenic, and other organic and inorganic contaminants, ensuring only pure drinking water passes through.
  4. Mineralized Balls: Adds valuable minerals like iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium, and iodine to the water.
  5. Activated Carbon: Further refines the filtration from stage 2.
  6. Far-infrared Ceramic Balls: Absorbs toxic heavy metals and releases beneficial trace elements.
  7. Ceramic Plate: Final filtration stage that can remove certain bacteria.

Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina is highly effective in reducing fluoride, lead, and arsenic without adding any harmful chemicals. It is widely used in various industries as a catalyst and adsorbent due to its excellent properties.

  • Chemical Composition:

    • Al2O3 > 93%
    • SiO2 0.06%
    • Fe2O3 0.03%
    • Na2O 0.5%
  • Typical Properties:

    • BET-surface: 300 ± 20 m²/g
    • Pore-volume: 0.4 ± 0.02 ml/g
    • LOI @ 400 ºC: < 6%
    • Water absorption capacity @60% R.H.: 20.0% min.
    • % Fines: 0.05% max.
    • Bulk density: 0.7 ± 0.02 kg/l
    • Crush strength: 120 N min.
    • Fluoride uptake: 1-2500 mg/kg

Filter Longevity

The filter's lifespan depends on the water source and usage rate. The filter should be changed every six months to maintain optimum effectiveness for a family of five using 5 liters daily (20 glasses).

Easy Replacement

Replacing the filter takes less than 10 minutes and ensures a return to full filtration, providing pH-balanced, antioxidant water.


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FAQ: Difference Between 8 Stage, 7 Stage, and 7 Stage Alumina Water Filters

Q: What is the difference between the 8 Stage Water Filter and the 7 Stage Water Filter?

A: The main difference lies in the additional filtration stage in the 8 Stage Water Filter, which includes an extra layer of filtration for more thorough purification. The 8 Stage Water Filter typically includes an extra layer of ceramic filtration for enhanced removal of bacteria and impurities compared to the 7 Stage Water Filter.

Q: How does the 7 Stage Activated Alumina Water Filter differ from the standard 7 Stage Water Filter?

A: The 7 Stage Activated Alumina Water Filter specifically includes Activated Alumina in the filtration process, which is highly effective in reducing fluoride, lead, and arsenic. This makes it particularly suitable for those looking to reduce fluoride levels in their drinking water significantly.

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