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RO Alkaline Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

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Upgrade Your Filtration System with the AlkaHydrate Filter Cartridge

Upgrade your water purification system with the AlkaHydrate Alkaline Water Filter, designed to complement your existing Reverse Osmosis Filtration System 4 Stage.

Key Features of the AlkaHydrate Alkaline Water Filter

Discover the remarkable qualities of the AlkaHydrate filter that go beyond traditional filtration. This innovative filter effectively raises pH levels and introduces antioxidant and oxygenating properties into your drinking water. Additionally, it emits far-infrared rays, resulting in shorter cluster chains within water molecules, which enhances bio-availability and oxygen absorption in the body.

pH Balance and Alkalinity

The AlkaHydrate Filter is ideal for individuals seeking to reduce acidic waste in their blood, tissues, and bodily fluids. It promotes the alkaline state required by most human metabolic processes, helping the body maintain a healthier pH balance.

The Science of Alkaline Water

While alkaline water is not a cure for diseases, it's based on elementary chemistry principles. Alkali neutralizes acid, a fundamental concept that requires no statistical analysis. Drinking alkaline water assists the body in dissolving acid waste, making it easier for the body to safely eliminate them. By reducing acid waste accumulation, alkaline water may help slow the aging process.

Reduction in Oxidation

The AlkaHydrate filter lowers Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), which measures a substance's ability to oxidize or reduce another substance or body. Negative ORP indicates the ability to decrease oxidation, extending the life of substances or bodies. This filter significantly increases negative ORP, making it a potent antioxidant that reduces the oxidation of substances, including our bodies.

Cutting-Edge Alkaline Technology

Our AlkaHydrate Alkaline Filter represents the latest water technology from the USA. It guarantees to elevate the alkalinity of your drinking water, providing you with all its associated benefits.

Advantages of the AlkaHydrate Filter

Explore the numerous benefits of using the AlkaHydrate Filter:

  1. Increases the pH of filtered water, typically ranging between 8.5 and 9.5.

  2. Modifies the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of water to between -100mV and -250mV, enhancing its antioxidant properties.

  3. Reduces the size of water molecule clusters, facilitating easier absorption within the body.

  4. Infuses beneficial alkaline minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium into your water.

Advanced Filtration Process

Our filtration process involves passing filtered water through a bed of specialized bioceramic media balls, which alkalize and ionize the water, elevating its pH. Subsequently, the water passes through a blend of far-infrared mineral balls. Far-infrared energy is widely used in the Far East for its therapeutic properties. As water passes through this media bed, it absorbs this beneficial energy, enhancing water structure and quality.

Upgrade your water quality with the AlkaHydrate Alkaline Water Filter Australia.

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Quality Product

Clear install instruction! Quality product that worth the money.

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Great value

VERY happy with the unit! Great value for the money!!