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Do Water Coolers Filter Water?

August 01, 2021 4 min read

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One of the keys to good health is staying hydrated. Because of this, many people choose to install water coolers in their homes. By doing so, it’s more convenient for everyone to acquire their necessary daily consumption. It helps stop the need for single-use plastic bottles by converting tap water into highly filtered, great-tasting water that you can use daily. But do water coolers filter water?

The answer is YES! Some waters coolers filter your water at the same time. Gone are the days when water coolers are just for dispensing water. Now, they can give you hot and cold filtered water anytime you want.

Do you have a water cooler that doesn’t filter your water and are unsure if switching is a good idea? Read the benefits of filtered water coolers below!


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Best Water Quality

Instead of drinking water sitting in a bottle for an unknown amount of time, employees now receive fresh, filtered water of the finest quality every time they use the new system. The majority of people say the water tastes better, encouraging employees to use the facilities more frequently.

No More Plastic Water Bottles

When you consider many plastic bottles in use worldwide, the figures must be in the billions. The production of these bottles is harmful to the environment. Plus, installing filtered water coolers removes all of those plastic bottles.

Less Risk of Contamination

Once you’ve installed the new system, the water flows directly from the supply to the glass. Because the water is never in contact with human hands, there is no possibility of contamination.

Reduced Carbon Dioxide Emissions

There are thousands of lorries delivering enormous, heavy bottles of water, and it burns nearly 6 million gallons of fuel each year around the world. As a result, it releases 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Save More!

In most cases, it will rapidly recoup the initial investment in a new water filtration system. It indicates that investing in a filtered water system will pay off financially in the long run for the company.

Requires Lesser Space

It can be tough to store large water bottles to avoid running out of water and then find another area to keep the empties while waiting for collection, especially in an office setting. Installing a filtered water system solves these issues immediately and ensures that you’ll never run out of clean, fresh water.


It takes hundreds of years for plastic garbage to degrade on its own. The majority of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, which leads to landfill overflow. It pollutes the marine ecology and harms the environment by releasing poisons into the atmosphere. You can eliminate the use of plastic and have endless pure, cooled water anytime you need it with an at-home water filter.

Convenient and Low Maintenance

Bottleless water dispensers are a low-maintenance solution that you can set and forget. Replace the pre-filters every six months after the system installment to enjoy fresh, tasty water. There will be no more big bottle refills because there will be no more water jugs. Plus, no more difficult bottle storage, water spills, or dry days without water. It also means there will be no water cooler reservoir to clean and maintain regularly. It allows your family or employees to devote more time to their tasks.

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  • Position your water cooler in an easily accessible position. It’s best to install it within reach of an electrical outlet.
  • Find the nearest water source.
  • Connect the water cooler to that supply of water while concealing the waterline.


Here at Awesome Water Filters, we always find ways to make your water consumption a whole lot better.

Awesome Bottleless Filtered Water Cooler

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Traditional water delivery services for homes and offices have been rendered obsolete by the recent advent of commercial point-of-use (POU) bottle-less water coolers. You may easily add these good reverse osmosis water filtration systems to any existing water line. Then, it will provide a steady supply of tasty, filtered hot or cold drinking water. Switching to bottle-less water coolers and dispensers has numerous economic and environmental benefits.

Awesome Water Filters features two temperature settings like the standard water dispensers. It also has two types of water filters installed to ensure you’re drinking safe water! It includes a block carbon water filter and polypropylene 0.5-micron water filter. Both filters effectively remove chlorine, sediments, and other contaminants in the water. As a result, you’ll get either hot or cold water that’s guaranteed safe to drink.

Another handy feature of this water cooler is its child safety lock in the hot water spout. You can have peace of mind that your little one won’t get accidentally burned.

Awesome Benchtop and Freestanding Water Coolers

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Unlike standard benchtops and freestanding water coolers, Awesome Water Filters offer a better model for you. It comes with a BPA-free bottle that effectively filters the water inside. The 8-Stage KDF Water Filter in every bottle instantly filters water contaminants that may harm our health. It effectively filters heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, and more while leaving the good stuff.

With these buddies in your home or kitchen, you’ll never have to worry about drinking contaminated water.

Do Water Coolers Filter Water: WRAP UP

Do water coolers filter water? Yes, there are water coolers that filter water but not all. The best option is to install bottle-less water dispensers. They effectively filter your water, and the best thing is you can have it hot or cold.

When compared to a standard water cooler, bottle-less water filter dispenser systems have various advantages. For starters, this type of water cooler can help you save room in your home or business by removing the need to keep water jugs, as you would with a regular water cooler. A bottle-less filtered water cooler, on the other hand, ensures that you’ll never run out of clean water to drink. It’s because it only filters the water that comes in through your building’s water line and into your business break room or home kitchen.