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Whole House Water Filter Big Blue: What is it?

July 23, 2021 4 min read

Whole House Water Filter in Australia
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Whole-house filters are effective in removing chlorine and other chemical tastes, odors, as well as dirt and sediments. It helps to make the water in your home cleaner, clearer, and safer. They also safeguard your appliances, fixtures, and pipelines. But, have you recently found yourself wondering what is the whole house water filter big blue container? Does it make any difference in the way a whole house filter should work?


How does it work?


Bigger-sized filter cartridges are within a Big Blue filter housing. Big Blue is not a brand name used by other manufacturers to describe their large diameter filter housings. Large diameter housings are referred to by any phrase related to casings that operate in the same way. Water enters from one end and travels down the housing. Water may run through the filter and then out, or it may flow to the bottom and up through the media in the drop-in cartridge, depending on the type of filter cartridge you have. Depending on what you’re seeking to filter out, you can use many filter cartridges inside a housing.

What does it filter out?

The housing itself removes nothing. It simply guides the flow of water around the filter cartridge you place inside. The filtration, or separation of water from impurities, is done by the cartridge. Until you place something within the filter housing, it does nothing. What will be eliminated determines the type of cartridge you should use.

Is there any difference compared to other filter housings?


Of course, the biggest difference is the size. Big Blue filter housings operate best with whole-house point-of-entry flow rates. At the point of use (POU), it uses smaller filters and filter housings. The compact cartridges have an installation design beneath the sink. This design is to filter water for a dedicated faucet or in a reverse osmosis system with a combination of filters.

Filter housings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate varied flow rates. You’ll want a point-of-entry (POE) filter that can handle a high flow rate if you’re shopping for one. The Big Blue housings come into play at this point.

How often should you change this type of whole house water filter housing?

Big Blue filter housings are trustworthy and long-lasting. Experts recommend that you replace it every ten years, depending on the manufacturer. If the housing has been in place for ten years, it’s most likely time to replace it. Water hammering occurs when you switch off a faucet while water is running through this filter housing. It means that the water flow’s inertia is brought to a halt by a force of energy. Water hammering frequently causes the housing to flex or slide. The plastic may eventually become tired of flexing and fracture.

Clear filter housings are made of a different plastic blend that does not bend and polypropylene colored ones. Housings with transparent sumps (body) do not flex as much as blue, white, or black housings. Thus they break and fail more sooner. Clean filter housing should have a replacement at least every five years to avoid a catastrophic failure in which the housing cracks and water floods.


Do I need a big blue house filter housing?

Yes, if you want the flexibility to handle all of your large-capacity filtration requirements, including high-flow and heavy sediment applications. The extra-large housing allows for more cartridge capacity for high-flow-rate applications, reducing the number of vessels required.

Which filter housing do I need?

In conjunction with the cartridge we’ll be using, the Big Blue filter housing serves a unique role. A filter system with a sediment filtration and a filtration system for removing chlorine or flavor and odors, such as one with a sediment filter and another with a carbon filter for eliminating chlorine or taste and odors, could be the best option for you. The ideal filter for you determines the quality of your water.

Awesome Water Filters Australia: WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTER BIG BLUE

Here at Awesome Water Filters, we offer big blue housings in our whole house water filters. Here’s what you can choose from:

Single Stage Whole House Filter – Big Blue 10″

single big blue filter

Twin Bug Blue Whole House Water Filters 10″ x 4.5″

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Triple Stage Whole House Filter – Big Blue 10″

whole house water filter big blue

The Big Blue filtration system is ideal for spaces that require a high flow rate, such as an entire house or a commercial area. Its typical installation is in the main plumbing line. It effectively removes sediment and chlorine up to 75 liters per minute from all taps throughout the house. The water quality and what needs to be filtered from the water will define the size of the system you’ll need.

You can choose from different filter cartridges: