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Benefits of Having an Office Drinking Water

April 08, 2022 2 min read


Australia Office Drinking Water

Office drinking water are quickly becoming the industry standard because of their many benefits versus mineral drinking water

Switching to a benchtop water cooler for your office is cost effective and delivers great tasting water on demand.

In this post, we cover 3 of the biggest benefits of an office drinking water cooler system for your Aussie business.

1. Office drinking water are Incredibly Cost Effective


Bottle free water cooler systems, paired with a reverse osmosis filter, produce pure, great tasting water for approximately $0.02/gallon!

Compare this with the cost of mineral drinking bottle, which averages $0.50/bottle, and the savings are huge!

2. Unlimited Fresh, Pure, Drinking Water

We’ve all had those times that our company has grown but the water order hasn’t and you run out of fresh drinking water for your employees.

With an office drinking water, you never run out of water! No more needing to change your delivery amounts as your business grows. Just press the button and dispense cold, pure drinking water.

3. Clean, Pure Drinking Water Environment

For instance, office drinking water also solve the age old issue of someone finishing the water and not replacing the empty 5-gallon jug with a full one… we all have one of those.

Do your team a favor and give them the best drinking water, with none of the hassle. And do your business a favor and stop paying those ridiculous prices for mineral bottles.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Awesome Water Filter is Australia’s leading office water cooler company. Most importantly, we use the highest quality water coolers and offer the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee and warranty on all of our products.

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