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Water Filter Mineral Stone: A Great Medicine For Your Health

April 08, 2022 1 min read

A Great Medicine For Your Health


Water filter mineral stone or Maifan Stone, also known as "bakuhanseki (Jp. 麦飯石)," is a special mineral rock function as a Chinese medicine to treat various skin diseases.

A water filter mineral stone contains plenty of micro-nutrient elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium, all essential to a healthy human body.

Make your immune system stronger


As a Chinese medicine, it is especially useful in treating skin tumors and ulcers. In addition to that, many mineral water manufacturers in Asia put a small amount of Maifan Stones unto their water as it meant to enhance the micro-nutrient density in the water. In ordinary cooking, both rice and tea may be dipped with Maifan Stones to increase their effects on health.

Water filter mineral stones uses a water filtration and conditioning media for your water filters.

A must have in your water filter

Maifan stone is strongly absorptive; known to remove heavy metals and other impurities from water. At the same time it releases minerals. It is an ideal stone for supporting the remineralization of “empty” water and it carries a strong Earth resonance.
Dont forget to also add your magnesium prill beads for best results.

Energized your body

These stones are a great addition for bringing minerals to empty water. It can also increased the alkalinity of your water. We definitely recommend these to re-mineralize our mineral deficient bodies.

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