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Water Filters and Cleansers -Health Benefits

June 11, 2020 2 min read

Water Filters and Cleansers– What are the health benefits?

Water Filters and Cleansers

Water filters and cleansers convert regular tap water into completely safe drinking water. It eliminates contaminants and pollutants by methods of being the last line of defense against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and metals like lead.

Health benefits of a water filter:

The working approach of water filters most of which use both physical and chemical filtration to remove particles and microscopic contaminants from our water.

Remove almost 99% of harmful bacteria

Also, a water filter can get rid of harmful particles through which the water passes.

A water filter removes all of these organisms and filters out the pollutants to make the water suitable for drinking.

Boost our immune system

In addition, water filters and cleansers protects us from lots of dangerous bacterial and viral illness that spread due to the contamination of water.

A water filter or water cleanser is very beneficial for healthy living. Our Tap water are known to pass minimal health standard, it still consists many impurities including germs, algae, infections, fungi, minerals, and man-made chemical contaminants that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Importantly, these impurities not simply activate the water to taste bad, nevertheless are also extremely dangerous to your health.

water filters and cleansers

Water filter and cleansers also produce alkaline water.

Moreover, the following are the health advantages of alkaline water:

– Reduce allergic conditions such as asthma, urticaria, rhinites and atopic dermatitis.
– Promotes perfect physical performance.
– Reduces blood sugar level levels in diabetic clients.
– Improve gastro duodenal ulcer and prevents reoccurrences.
– Reduce hypertension and hypotension.
– Betters liver function tests in hepatic disorders.
– Betters serum bilirubin levels in babies.
– Protects DNA from oxidative damage.
– Remarkably lowered the development of cancer cells transplanted into mice, revealing their anti-cancer outcomes.

Furthermore, the following are acid water health advantages:

– It reduces bacterial load of dealt with alfalfa sprouts between 91.1% and 99.8%.
– Electrolyzed oxidizing water suspends Escherichia coli and Listeria on plastic kitchen area cutting boards.
– It can decrease food borne pathogens.
– It is a beneficial disinfectant for hospital infections.

Final Thoughts

Having a water filter system is the only way to know that the water you’re drinking are cleared of as many potential harmful contaminants that may harm your health overtime.

At Awesome Water Filters, Installation is easy and we committed to maintain that all our water filter are safe to use as it’s crucial to the health and well – being of everyone.

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