Office Water Dispensers

Office Water Dispensers


Real Benefits of Office Water Dispensers

Office water dispensers do not only add to the convenience of the employees in their workplace. But, it also promotes the health and well-being of the people inside the office. Since water is quite essential in most body processes, staying properly hydrated will help one function perfectly in daily activities including office work. For adult recommended water consumption, males should consume 2.6 L of water every day. Females, on the other hand, should take at least 2.1 L of water a day for the body to be at its best condition.

A person need not be exposed to strenuous physical activities to feel dehydrated. Because not consuming enough fluid in itself will trigger mild symptoms such as dry mouth, headache, dizziness, dry skin, muscle cramps, or constipation. Some severe indications include irritability, confusion, low blood pressure, rapid breathing, little urination, fever, or even loss of consciousness.

Nevertheless, employees must consume pure water more than fluids with additives and high sugar content. However, these may have adverse health effects on our body. Drinking safe and healthy water from water dispensers is a good practice in the office to retain the productivity of each worker. It also maintains a good working environment for everyone.


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How Dehydration Affects People at Work


Dehydration causes adverse effects on the employees. It can definitely affect their behaviour and performance at work. Here are the possible effects of dehydration at work that you must prevent:

Reduced Energy Level

Being able to drink pure water regularly inside the office can help regulate the amount of blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other parts of the body. Thanks to the presence of accessible water dispensers Thus, being dehydrated will hinder the process resulting to fatigue and reduced energy level to carry out different tasks in the office. Moreover, with dehydration, you won’t have the endurance you need in order to continue working. You will feel tired the whole day.

Reduced Concentration and Slower Brain Activity

Dehydration reduces the concentration and mental performance of an employee. With lesser level of attentiveness, finishing tasks will take longer than usual and results will not be promising. Since you lack the right amount of water to transport nutrients especially oxygen to the brain, a person will definitely experience slower brain activity. They may lose the ability to concentrate on what must be done.

High Stress Level

Effects of fatigue, reduced energy level and lesser concentration for work will eventually pile up and increase stress levels significantly. It was also proven in studies that people who are always dehydrated due to poor consumption of pure water, tend to be more stressed than those who replenish their water loss. It’s because they cannot focus on their work for they worry about non-office related problems and get easily distracted.

Irritability and Mood Swings

Having high stress levels and the feeling of exhaustion at work will make someone more irritable than usual. It may prompt mood swings which may cause an unhealthy working environment. Employees with an inability to control anger may get into trouble and may start a commotion inside the office. This, of course, must not happen.

Less Productivity and Lower Job Performance

The fatigue you’re feeling because of dehydration will consequently result to less productivity and lower job performance. It’s due to the fact that you won’t have the motivation to do your tasks since you always feel tired. You cannot concentrate on any assignment you need to accomplish. With lesser productivity, business operations may be at stake.

All the above being said, office water dispensers are indeed essential in every workplace. Encouraging your employees to live a healthy lifestyle by monitoring water intakes will prevent the risk of dehydration. Plus, it will maximise each one’s potential.


Advantages of Having Office Water Filters and Dispensers


Aside from the prevention of adverse effects on employees, here are other advantages of setting up an office water filters and dispenser:

  • Space Saver

Office water dispensers are space savers because their design and structure are perfect to fill small spaces. Moreover, at Awesome Water Filters, we offer benchtop water coolers that are perfect for rooms with limited space aside from the free standing water cooler.

  • Swift Installation

Setting up an office water dispenser would only take a short period of time. The water machines are ready for installment.

  • Low Maintenance

There’s not much to do with regard to water dispenser maintenance because you only need to empty and rinse the dip tray whenever it is filled with water and monitor your water filtration system.

  • Eco-friendly

With the use of Awesome Water Filters’ water dispenser in your office, you take part in reducing plastic bottle wastes. It’s because all you have to do is pour tap water in the water machine. Next, you just let the awesome water filtration system do the trick of removing organic impurities whilst adding essential vitamins in your pure water.

Contact Awesome Water Filters for Long-Lasting, Quality Water Dispensers and Water Coolers at your Office & Workplace

Why not opt to have a fresh healthy filtered water in your office? Your employees deserve premium quality of pure water to boost their morale and keep them healthy in order to perform well at work. Install office water coolers at an affordable price! Let Awesome Water Filters and our water dispensers keep your employees properly hydrated and refreshed all day.

Call our awesome team now on 1800 789 781 to find out more. We are here to help with all our filtered drinking water solutions for office or workplace.  We will have an affordable office water cooler for you.

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